Xtasia a lancé l'événement Foam Party at Xtasia.
Foam Party at Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Xtasia brings you its quarterly Foam Party. Normal music night until we add the extra fun of Foam!! At 11pm we fill the entire dance floor with bubbles, and all jump in naked or semi clothed for one of the UK’s sexiest events. Bring swimwear, or shorts and T-shirts if you wish to remain clothed,...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Blackmans Fan Club at Xtasia.
Blackmans Fan Club at Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Friday the 13th MAYBE unlucky for SOME, but its certainly NOT for those joining us at this party!! Located just 5 minutes from the motorway we are ideal for our members who fancy a road trip as it is so easily accessible Once a vanilla night club, this venue is set on 4 floors making it the BIGGEST...

Big Dicks Fantastic Fingers at Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

A preference night, for those seeking Big Dicks and/or Fantastic Fingers. Music provided by Chet Icon vaguely based around the 90’s and RnB genre. You don’t have to match, but if you do, you’ll be popular! An evening of great music, flirting, and play. Entire club open as usual. Flirts bar is open...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Burlesque Night at Xtasia.
Burlesque Night at Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

1st Saturday of the month, and we open our doors to all couples and single females for our traditional themed party night. Think of that little sparkly party dress you have, erotic lingerie, smart suits, or trendy nightclub wear guys. Use your imaginations!! This Months theme is BURLESQUE !!! Flirts...

Dpraved 'Battle of the Sexes' Rave Party at Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

DPraved Battle of the sexes party Saturday 30th June 8pm till 3am @ Xtasia DJs Ade Wilcox and David Jay will be doing Battle With Female tour de force DJs Vicky Etherton (One of the UKs top ten female DJs) and with her DJing debut, DJ Bardo !!! Who wins ? You decide!! Theme is of course Boys in...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Lock and Key Party at Xtasia.
Lock and Key Party at Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Xtasia proudly presents a lock and key party. As you arrive you are given a lock per person. Later in the night we give out the keys. All you have to do is find the matching lock to claim your free shot at the bar for both of you. It`s a great way to start chatting to everyone and breaking the ice...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Soulmates at Xtasia.
Soulmates at Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

The 4th Saturday of the month is Soul Mates, an evening for couples and single ladies. It’s an evening of superb music, brought to you by LoveJay, is all about bringing you together, as couples, as play friends, as swingers. Classic tunes, aimed directly at you. We look forward to welcoming you in...

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