Halloween Cirque de Chaos @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Halloween Cirque Du Chaos Entrance Cost: £20.00 per person Dress Code: Halloween costumes welcomed. Make an effort to look extraordinary, and as sexy as possible. Changing areas at club if you wish to arrive normally. A unique collaboration between two major players in the Fetish scene, Mammon and...

Halloween DPraved Vampire Ball @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Dpraved presents DJ Van Helsing’s Vampire’s Ball Saturday 28th October @ Xtasia Dracula and his brides most welcome fancy dress is optional but all black would be appropriate and appreciated. Full club decor Bespoke sound and light system plus free vampire blood shot on arrival Dpraved resident DJ’s...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Greedy Girls Halloween @ Xtasia.
Greedy Girls Halloween @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

A night where its all about the girls, trying to ensure every single one of them can live out their fantasies safely and fully. Combining our Singles and Couples nightclub night with our Bukkake and Gangbang events, we are trying to encourage those who love multiple men sessions along on one very...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Urban Swing @ Xtasia.
Urban Swing @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Every 2nd Saturday of the month we run an evening entitled “Urban Swing”, for all couples and single female members. With Jay in the DJ booth playing a superb mixture of urban street tracks, this is a real night for strutting your stuff on the dance floor, before heading into the rooms to release...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Blackmans Fan Club @ Xtasia.
Blackmans Fan Club @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Every 2nd Friday of the month, we welcome in the BMFC to join us for the evening. A group of well behaved young guys, plus the couples and single ladies who have a preference, they intermingle with our usual guests and provide a very sexy atmosphere for the evening. Come and join us, be you black or...

Cowboys and Indians Night @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Yeeeeh harrr ! Get your Rootin' Tootin' wild west party gear ready for Xtasia's Cowboys and Indians night. 1st Saturday of the month, and we open our doors to all couples and single females for our traditional fancy dress optional party night. Fancy dress options as per the title of the event. Use...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Mixed Mid Week Fun @ Xtasia.
Mixed Mid Week Fun @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Thursday nights is Mixed Mid Week Fun for all members. Welcoming in all players for swinging fun in the main Xtasia club. Flirts bar open from 6pm to 9pm for evening meals, drinks and casual encounters. Main club opens at 8pm through to midnight, with the Jacuzzi, playrooms, dungeon and cinema all...

Couples Only Midweeks Fun @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Mid week fun is just that, a chance during the middle of the week to relax and unwind with friends from the swinging world. Jacuzzi, Playrooms, Dungeon, Bar, all open from 8pm through to midnight, with Flirts bar & Purgatory open from 6pm to 9pm. Free entry per couple, Free for single ladies....

Big Dicks, Fantastic Fingers @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

A preference night, for those seeking Big Dicks and/or Fantastic Fingers. And of course those who possess the aforementioned. You don’t have to match, but if you do, you’ll be popular! An evening of great music, flirting, and play. Entire club open as usual. Flirts bar is open to all for pre-club...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Lock and Key Party @ Xtasia.
Lock and Key Party @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Our ever popular Lock and Key Party, Saturday 30th September. Very simply, as you arrive you’re given a lock, per person. Later in the night we give out keys. All you have to do is find the matching Lock to your Key to claim a free shot at the bar for each of you. Its a magical way to get everyone...

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