Xtasia a lancé l'événement The Freakers Ball @ Xtasia.
The Freakers Ball @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Following the success of New Years Eve, Eve and our DiscObey dance nights in 2015, Xtasia launched the Freakers Ball in 2016 with outstanding success. Xtasia opens its doors once again to its massive crossover event called “The Freakers Ball” (Bank Holiday weekend). The Freakers Ball brings together...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement DPraved UV Party at Xtasia.
DPraved UV Party at Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Our most popular theme is back for our second party of 2018 so get you uv party outfit, uv paint, hair spray and glow in the dark Jewelry ready as we turn down the lights and turn up the volume to party the night away in the dark DPraved style. Couples £40 Single ladies £20 Xtasia membership...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement 90's Theme Soulmates @ Xtasia.
90's Theme Soulmates @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

The 4th Saturday of the month is Soul Mates, an evening for couples and single ladies. It’s an evening of superb music, brought to you by LoveJay, is all about bringing you together, as couples, as play friends, as swingers. Classic tunes, aimed directly at you. We look forward to welcoming you in...

Xtasia a lancé l'événement Swingles 70s Theme @ Xtasia.
Swingles 70s Theme @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

SWINGLES - Get your Le Freak On! Friday 16th March 6pm until 3am. SWINGLES proudly presents a retro themed night with banger-busting beats from the 70's. The event is open to all club members, be you single, or a couple interested in singles, swingers, or fetishists. So, dig out those 70's costumes...

Urban Swing with SpicyMatch @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Every 2nd Saturday of the month Xtasia and SpicyMatch run an evening entitled “Urban Swing”, for all couples and single female members. With LoveJay in the DJ booth playing a superb mixture of urban street tracks, this is a real night for strutting your stuff on the dance floor, before heading into...

BMFC Blackmans Fan Club / St Trinians @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

Every 2nd Friday of the month, we welcome in the BMFC to join us for the evening. A group of well behaved young guys, plus the couples and single ladies who have a preference, they intermingle with our usual guests and provide a very sexy atmosphere for the evening. Come and join us, be you black or...

Big Dicks, Fantastic Fingers @ Xtasia
? West Bromwich, Royaume-Uni

A preference night, for those seeking Big Dicks and/or Fantastic Fingers. Music provided by Chet Icon vaguely based around the 90’s and RnB genre. You don’t have to match, but if you do, you’ll be popular! An evening of great music, flirting, and play. Entire club open as usual. We have a huge...

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