Let's Experience Yoni & Lingam Massage Together

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dimanche 13 mai 2018

Tric and Monee want to open up emotional and physical blockages to the power of orgasm.

For women, the Yoni massage will help to open up the G-spot, A-spot and other erogenous zones that are inside the vaginal walls. Once open, touching these points will bring a woman to the most profound and deep internal orgasms that are more powerful than any clitoral orgasm can ever be. Women can also experience the female ejaculation or as it is called in Sanskrit, Kalas, which is one of the most mysterious and most misunderstood abilities of a woman.

For men, the Lingham massage will create a path to deep full body multiple orgasms. It is relaxing, stimulating, erotic, and liberating.

Join us. Questions?