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samedi 1 avril 2017


For the period july/august we are looking for a sexy resort in Europe to spend a week. We are very new and very shy... a swingers resort (like Macarena) or 24/7 nudity (like Cap d'Agde) is still a step too far for us.

We read about Temptation Resort in Cancun Mexico, which is topless optional and sexy vibe but no sex in public. Something like that is what we're looking for in Europe.

Any tips or advice welcome. Thanks!

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Cap D'Agde isn't as "full-on" as it all appears to be. Yes, you get full on swinging at clubs like Jeux de Main or Tantra, but Glamour for example is far more docile. Same for the beach, if you go to the dunes, you're going to get people having sex in your face, but that's a small part of the beach, and the rest of the beach is visited by families. As for nudity, you don't really have to be nude. In fact, most swingers aren't... that's one way of spotting the swingers from all the nudists 🙂

Also bear in mind, Cap D'Agde is a whole village, so if you don't like one place, you just go to the next. Unfortunately there aren't any "open-minded" resorts in Europe like Temptation, so unless it's a take-over organised by SpicyMatch, your other option is Cap D'Agde.

From our experiences, smaller resorts, or sailing boats, etc, which are available in Europe, can be more "problematic", because you get the "pressure" of being part of a small group of people, whereas somewhere like Cap D'Agde, you have the liberty of doing your own thing, be as "vanilla" as you like, and no one will even realise.

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Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

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We are going spring bank holiday macarena