The Vienna Fetish Show 15 September 2018

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mardi 31 juillet 2018
The Vienna Fetish Show 15 September 2018

Beautiful models in high heels parade on the catwalk. They present enticing lingerie, latex, leather, corsets and seductive evening dresses. The audience is pleasant to look at, many guests appear in exquisite outfits.

Sensuality and sin go hand in hand… Here a bondage artist shows the guests his amazing rope work. And over there curious visitors gather around unusual playful things and toys.

And gradually the fashion show turns into a big party.

Lots of activities are allowed, but not absolutely everything.

Well-known designers and manufacturers, boutiques and custom tailors present their masterpieces. You will submerge into the world of fetish, beauty and voluptuousness.

Attention! The use of cameras and mobile phones is prohibited. There are two accredited event photographers.

Target Audience

Our events are aimed at people who appreciate high style, pleasant atmosphere and discretion. We invite hedonists, including newcomers, who wish to get into the spirit of a new adventure. Your moral sense and good taste define the boundaries within which you act. It is up to you, whether you remain a voyeur or indulge in lascivious plays.

Age restriction: our guest must be at least 21 years old.

Dress Code

Elegant, erotic, sexy, fetish, frivolous…

We kindly ask you to refrain from wearing jeans, T-shirts and casual clothes. Please dress appropriately for this festive event.

Price: showroom 8€, showroom + party 38€

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COPYRIGHT! The concept and the description of this event cannot be used without the written permission of Travellers-of-Joys.