Wax on, wax off... Film inspired naughtiness

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dimanche 10 décembre 2017

A naughty story that sprung into my mind in bed one Christmas morning a couple of years back...

It being close to Christmas I thought I'd share it! I'm not the greatest writer, but hope one or two enjoy reading!

So it was a bit of a kinky dream, with various film themes dropped in. See if you can spot them!

It all starts off with my girlfriend in a kneeling position hands tied behind her back, a remote controlled vibe or wand snuggly between her legs pressing up against her clit.

Once sure she's comfortable I explained to her "Now you're going to be tested to see if you can remember the techniques you need to please your Mr. Not only that you must do this hands tied behind you and with this blindfold on. You gaze up at me, my perfect Miss. Your pretty eyes hidden but your face still expressive, a playful smile gazes at me.

"Now you must use the force" I laugh. "Or all your skills. Listen to and obey my instructions. Do well and you will be rewarded". I give you a brief burst from the wand and you instinctively move forward. Your head finds my body as your lips kiss their way around. "Now, Wax On" I say and your tongue starts to work in clockwise circles as you seek out your target. It feels so nice it's not long before I'm hard and you find your mark. With no hands your mouth opens for the head of my cock and your tongue works expertly, still moving in clockwise motions around the head. I switch the wand on low.

"Wax off" I say and you switch to clockwise. After a few minutes it's time for "Shine the balls" and you drop your head and suck one of my balls into your mouth carefully before playfully caressing it with your tongue. Both my balls now very much cleaned I command you to "Paint the fence post". You immediately start licking up and down the full length of my shaft. I watch impressed with your skills. My cock twitches its appreciation. I turn the wand up again. You squirm slightly and let out a moan. "So like this" you moan again, not stopping your assigned task. "good girl, now how about a kiss?"

Your mouth moves to the head and kisses it lightly at first before your lips lock and your tongue caresses the helmet. I love the way you can french kiss my cock. It feels so good and you look so amazing. I push you off and drop my head so my lips meet yours. We continue kissing for a while and I turn the wand up again.

"Slime the soldier". By slime you know this means deep throat. You take more and more of me into your mouth. It took a lot of practice but you can take my full length now. It's so impressive to watch! You always coat the whole shaft in a thick spit. I watch in awe, feeling both proud and immensely lucky! Before too long it's time to "suck the lolly and savour the flavour". You eagerly start sucking me again. Your taking only the first inch or two but you've learned some incredible technique with your tongue and lips. Combined with your suction I'm in heaven. As I ease closer I adjust the wand again. I want you to shudder with the power of your own orgasm when I cum. Sure enough as I see and hear you cumming it all proves too much. All this time though you've not stopped your task. Somehow you're still working hard to make me cum. I finally reward you with a mouth full and as requested you savour the flavour before you swallow.

I remove the blindfold and the ropes and we snuggle up together in bed. Our hands are gently caressing one another. My fingers finding just how wet you are. I know you still yearn for me to be inside you and I have no intention of disappointing you. We kiss and enjoy the softness of one another's skin. It won't be long now...

The end... or is it? If enough people enjoy this one I might just continue it!

Hope you enjoyed and have a great Christmas :)