Burning Angel in Amsterdam - Chapter 2

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dimanche 5 mars 2017

Throughout my life, I’d made a number of choices, which had let to me being a single man and never getting married. Of course, I had been searching for the One. But for some reason, I hadn't met her yet. So I just decided to enjoy my life to the full and leave no holes unbarred. I wanted excitement and passion in my life. I felt that it kept me young at heart. Added to that I was naturally good looking, confident and my body is in good shape.

Suddenly my phone starting to ring. I noticed it was one of my beautiful girlfriends. She was driving to town and wanted to meet up for lunch at the Grand Hotel. She explained that she’d booked at room as well, just in case if we felt like having a nap afterwards. The number was 111.

I picked up my umbrella, paid the waiter, smiled and stepped out into the rain. The road was full of puddles and it became a game to skip over them. When I was on the main the road, I hailed a taxi down and asked that he take me home. Of course, I didn’t have any appointments, but I did want to make sure I was really fresh for my fuck buddy at the Grand Hotel.

Back at my apartment on the Keizergracht, I jumped into the shower. Afterwards I put on clean tight purple pants and sprayed on my favorite aftershave, Dolce Gabana The One.

I picked up my black book and leafed through the pages to Louisa, the woman I was having lunch with today at The Grand. From our previous meeting, I had noted that she is very kinky indeed. She loves to be submissive, tied up, blinded folded and ordered what to do. She always obeyed my commands. I noted that next time it would most probably be a good idea to bring along some toys, just to expand her consciousness to a deeper level.

I got the feeling that Louisa would enjoy being blindfolded, put on a leather collar, chain and have hot candle wax dripped over her perky nipples. I have this old style doctor’s bag that opens wide at the top. I put everything inside and then clipped the fastener tightly close.

I turned around and took a freshly cleaned and ironed light blue shirt off the coat hanger. It felt so comfortable on my pure white skinned. I looked in the mirror and peering back at me was a very confident and attractive middle-aged man. ‘Yes!!’ I thought'.

As I walked to the front door, I picked up my keys, wallet, mobile phone and glasses that I had previous laid out on the old oak sideboard. I was ready. The taxi had been called and by the time I got to the front the door, he was sitting there waiting for me. He was totally reliable and always on time. I paid him extra to ensure he delivered the best service.

‘Good afternoon Sir! How are you today?’ He would always ask.

‘I am great! Thank you,’ I would always reply.

I sat in the back seat of the Mercedes-Benz quietly reading my notes whilst listening to Beethoven being piped through the sound system.

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Can I read the rest of the story somewhere. It reminds me of a story on https://noveltrove.com, but it's even better!